Tired of too many cords and not enough volume? This always-on loudspeaker will allow you to listen to your church service with ease. Remotely configure up to 16 ListenToChurch.com bookmarks using our online dashboard making it ideal for grandparents and the elderly. Requires WiFi Internet.

  • Would you like us to program the EasyListen to connect to your WiFi? If you don't provide your WiFi information, you'll need to program it once you receive it. The WiFi can be programmed using a USB keyboard or through the front display.

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    This is the name of your wireless network. The name must match exactly and can be found in your router's Wi-Fi setup.

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    This is the password for your WiFi

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Product Description

  • Powerful 20 watt amplifier and speaker.
  • Always on.
  • Remotely configure the EasyListen to connect to up to sixteen streams from ListenToChurch.com.
  • Requires Wi-Fi for connectivity.

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 8 in

24VDC Power Supply Included


FCC (Class B)


2 years